Melinda took a giant leap of faith and jumped ship from her success in corporate America to follow a dream. Recognizing the gifts she was given and skills she developed over the years in a successful career had a higher purpose, Melinda surrendered to the unfolding of a bigger life vision: to lift women who were less fortunate. In the open space created by that brave jump into the unknown, she began the process of bringing BLOOMHERE – a space and place of empowerment for women survivors— to life.

In summer 2019, BLOOMHERE opened the first brick and mortar home where women who’ve been released from prison, are leaving halfway houses, shelters or domestic violence safe houses can come to heal, to learn, to grow their own vision and path to a fresh start and a new life. Under this roof, BLOOMHERE will provide services, classes and training: from resume writing and interview skills to nutrition counseling; yoga and meditation to personal hygiene and beauty guidance. BLOOMHERE seeks to empower women who’ve been challenged by difficult paths, events or life choices to recognize there is always a chance to bloom again, and with the right support, take their own leaps to a better life.

Melinda’s long-term vision for BLOOMHERE is to have multiple BLOOMHERE centers in cities across the country to serve women in need. We look to not only provide necessary life skills and self-care tools to those who’ve not been offered them before, but to encourage successful, gifted women to share their knowledge, wisdom and experience to lift and empower others. We only rise when we rise together.

Melinda is known for her sense of humor, her passion for life, her ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything and make those who are lucky enough to share space with her to feel loved and at home. She is thrilled to bring this vision to life.